From energy to blockchain and circular economy



Start: 07/02/2023


This course offers the lecture from the book "From energy to blockchain and circular economy", by the author of the book DR. Georges Seil. The objective of the course is to explain through the content of the book and through discussion workshops each of the topics covered in the book to help better understand the topics of energy, recycling, circular economy, energy strategy linked to business strategy, hydrogen applications and many more.


  • Design and monitoring of an energy strategy
  • Energy Model canvas
  • Strategy development concepts
  • Blockchain in energy applications
  • Smart waste energy recovery
  • Waste processing systems
  • Recycling - all elements
  • Biogas plants
  • What is Fuzzy logic and how to apply in Blockchain and energy systems
  • Hydrogen applications and hydrogen vs EV
Langues: EN, FR
Prix: 450 €
Durée: 3 jour(s)
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